On December 2nd, 1936, in Lota Chile, at 12:30 noon,, the sun in Sagittarius and the Good Luck in the Mutation and Death House, I made my first physical appearance in this “Spatial Laboratory Test Tube that we call Planet Earth”.

I’m Bürger Matthews. From my father’s family I inherited the love for music and painting and these originated what I have come to call “Musical Painting”, where harmonic colors and sounds make up an understanding code.

During my goldsmith stage, working with precious metals, I discovered the beauty present in Precious Stones: the red color in the Burma Ruby, the blue in the Ceylon Sapphire, the green in the Colombian Emeralds, the bluish white in the South African Diamonds.
  • Beauty is Fourth Dimension


    This explains our lack of access as a Rational Animal Species. Real Beauty is only accessible for the Real Human Being. The Being is an evolutionary possibility and not a natural right by birth. The harmonic conjugation of the Moral’s Spirit plus the Ethics’ Soul plus the Esthetic manifestation, lead to the BEING.

    The Musical Painting is composed by Times and Spaces. Times of Sound and Spaces of Silence. Times of Color and Spaces of Light.

  • The Musical Graphism


    The Musical Graphism represents a new language or expression form. This Brush Dance in Colors allows an approach to the Creation Process in Present Time. The Musical Harmonies in Color are made of 3 colors in the same brush, as Harmony is a Trinity, equivalent to a Religious Trinity. To the Philosophic Being. Scientific resulting action - reaction.

    The Digital Painting, with the fingers and the palms, corresponds to my initial research stage as an emotional expression previous to my color discovery in Present and Past Time.

    The Sculptural Wood used in these works are recycled from railway beams, extinguished forest remnants of Ancient Oaks. The nobility of these woods worked with a goldsmith technique allows highlighting the importance of the Musical Painting and its search of Beauty by means of the Cosmic, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical Purity.

    The Mental Man is tridimensional, as the mind is an archive of past events. Imagination feeds of what is known or past.

  • I did the first artistic tour on 1976.


    I did the first artistic tour in 1976, which allowed me to discover the pre-Columbian cultures that show us the presence of Higher Intelligences that were able to melt the Platinum and to drill precious stones thousands of years ahead of our time.

    I have presented my Musical Painting in cities of more than 20 countries in Europe and America as a Humanistic Research Process of Education and Culture that Generates the Creative Science in pursuit of the Third Millennium Man: that has access to the Alchemical, Metaphysical, Chemical and Physical Laws: Fourth Dimension.

  • Musical Painting


    Musical Painting is a Measure Unit that allows us to know the place we occupy in Time and Space. We know 3 dimensions of Space: length, width and height, … but only one Time Dimension: The Past. The Present is the Real Artist Time. We must feel it, if we think it.

    Drawing is Mental and the mind is an Archive of past events. The Real Artist’s God is called Permanent Creation, only accessible with the Feeling in its higher stage: Emotion.


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